Forever Fitness (+55)

Group fitness classes for adults over 55 years old that want to live a healthy lifestyle.

Two Professionally Coached Classes Per Week

Tuesday and Thursday at 1045am

Forever Fitness is a group program that will help improve overall health and fitness for adults over 55 years old. Movements are functional - meaning they help promote performance in everyday activities like walking, sitting, or doing yard work.


Increase Muscle Mass


Improve Bone Density


Improve Mobility

60 minutes of functional movements to stay strong and energized.

+55 Forever Fitness Class Times:

Tuesday and Thursday at 1045

Monthly Membership



  • Two workouts per week

  • Professional Coaching

  • Class will be Fun and Challenging

  • No Experience Necessary

  • Increase Muscle Mass, Muscular Strength and Endurance, and Bone Density

  • Improve Mobility

  • Improve Balance and Coordination

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